Morris-Clan.Net and Scheib-Clan.Net Connection Configuration


  1. Introduction
  2. Contacts
  3. Requesting an Account
  4. Email Setup
    1. Introduction
      1. Web-Based Email
      2. Local SMTP Server
      3. VPN Connection
    2. Email Client Configuration


Note that the Morris-Clan.Net and domains are NOT substitutes for your ISP! These services have been provided as a supplement to your ISP, specifically to give you a personalized (and un-changing) email address and web page address.


The system administrator is David Morris. For a quicker response, please direct all questions to one of the following email addresses.

System Administrator

Technical Support

Requesting an Account

To request an account, send an email to the System Administrator, David Morris. Please include:
  • Preferred username
  • If you want any secondary email addresses
  • If you want a web page
  • If you want your own domain for your email or web page
  • Note that I can host domains as well as virtual domains.

    To simply request email ( or, just send me your preferred username. If you require something more complex, you might send a request such as...

    username: dave
    email address:
    secondary email:

    Create a web page with the domain

    Please forward all email to the email address to both my regular email account ( and my pager email

    Email Setup


    As anyone who uses email knows, Spam is a large problem. In order to prevent this system from acting as an open-relay, which facilitates the propogation of spam, SMTP access to the system must be restricted. This leads to three possible methods of sending email from a domain not on the same local network as the SMTP server. See below and choose the method which best suits your needs, configuring any email clients as needed.

    Web-Based Email

    The simplest way to access your email account is through the Web Email Client.

    Local SMTP Server

    Most ISPs provide you with an SMTP server which you use when using your email account you setup with that ISP. In most cases, you can use that same SMTP server (sometimes called a mail server) to send email using a different "From" email address. When configuring the email client you use, simply use the SMTP (or mail server) hostname provided by your ISP instead of that listed on the "Server Addresses" Page.

    VPN Connection

    In the event that web-email is not to your liking and your ISP does not provide an SMTP server which allows you to use a "From" email address different than that provided by the ISP, you can setup a VPN connection and use the SMTP server provided by this system. See the page on VPN Configuration to setup your VPN connection from a Microsoft Windows operating system.

    Note that if you are only downloading email (not sending new email messages) you do not need the VPN connection.

    Email Client Configuration

    If you are not using the web email system, follow the instructions in the email client you are using to setup a new account entering information from the Servers Listing page. If you are using a VPN connection to connect to the SMTP server (see above), ensure you use the VPN addresses where relevant.

    If you need an email client I recommend using Eudora.