How to Change your Password


  1. Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
  2. UNIX/LINUX Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

If you already have an SSH client available, you can use it instead of PuTTY as is recommended below.

  1. Download PuTTY from the PuTTY Downlaod Page.
  2. Run the program you just downloaded, and you will get a window that looks like Figure 1.

    FIGURE 1: PuTTY Configuration Dialog

  3. In the Host Name field, enter:
  4. Select SSH from the Protocol list.
  5. At this point, a new window will appear and ask you to verify the server's key fingerprint. Click Yes to continue. As of 24 August 2004, this value should read:

  6. In the main PuTTY window that appeared at the same time as the PuTTY Security Alert window, type in your username and password as is shown in Figure 2 (though use your username instead of morrisde.

    FIGURE 2: Username/Password Prompt

  7. Type the command (Figure 3):
  8. Follow the prompts
  9. Type close the connection, type:

    FIGURE 3: Changing Your Password and Exiting

UNIX/LINUX Operating Systems

Changing your password from a UNIX or LINUX operating system requires you to have SSH installed on your computer.

  1. Type the command (with your username in place of username):
  2. Enter your password when prompted (or RSA key passphrase if you have set one up)
  3. Type the command:
  4. Follow the prompts
  5. Type close the connection, type: