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Future Projects

This is a listing of current projects for improving the family domain:

  1. More Disk Space! Arrangements are currently being made to purchase a SCSI box with 4 9GB Seagate disks. This will expand storage space to 27 BG and eliminate all worries on storage limitations for a long time.
  2. A more powerful server. The current Sparc LX is a bit slow, and will be upgraded to a SparcStation 20 with Dual processors and 128 MB of RAM once additional hard-disks have been obtained.
  3. Web Mail: Web access to email will be supported after hardware upgrades have been put in place.
  4. Non-VPN authentication for SMTP using ESMTP or another authentication scheme.
  5. Encrypted PPTP VPN support
  6. Encrypted POP3 and/or SMTP sessions using SSL or another scheme