Welcome to the

Morris Clan Family Web Page

Morris-Clan.Net is fully functional, but no encryption is available!

This site, and the entire morris-clan domain, is under construction. Check back here periodically for news.

Current Status

Domain Server: Fully Functional
Web Server: Fully Functional
E-Mail Server: Fully Functional, but Insecure
VPN Server: Fully Functional, but Insecure


The Morris-Clan.Net domain was created to give everyone in the extended Morris family a free email address and web page that will never change. Because of various location, configuration, and security issues, general availability has been delayed by close to a year after the project was first proposed. However, I am now pleased to say that the system is complete and ready for use by everyone!


  • 2002/03/24: Added a listing of Recommended Programs.
  • 2002/03/24: Added instructions on How To Change Your Password.
  • 2002/03/23: Added a listing of Future Projects.
  • 2002/03/20: The mailing list clan-news has been created, and all users have been subscribed.
  • 2002/03/20: All users will soon be signed up for an email distribution list for the purpose of spreading news to all users on the Morris-Clan.Net family server.
  • 2002/03/20: We are getting more storage space! Our days of worrying about running out of space (and limiting content) will soon be finished as 4 9BG SCSI hard disks will soon be purchased. At the same time these disks are added to the server, the primary system will also be upgraded from a Sparc Classic to a SparcStation 20 with Dual processors and twice the RAM!
  • 2002/03/19: All primary services are fully functional, but use no encryption. Secure connections are on the way, but are not yet available.
  • 2002/03/19: Final project finished: VPN Support. You can now connect to the server via a VPN from Windows clients. See the page on Connection Setup for more details.